High Temperature O-Rings Supplied By Orinoco Bearings

High Temperature O-Rings

High Temp. O-Rings Supplied By Orinoco Bearings

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High Temperature O-Rings - Including Kalrez O-Rings ®

Supplied in the UK by Orinoco Bearings

High temperature O-Rings are now available in the UK. Kalrez O-Rings ( manufactured by the DuPont Corporation USA ) can now operate in temperatures up to 327*C and are available in a variety of different grades such as 4079, 6375 and 7075 etc.

Viton O-Rings ( also manufactured by the DuPont Corporation ) are widely available commercially in both Imperial and Metric sizes and offer an upper working temperature of 200*C.

Other manufacturers offer O-Rings that are direct equivalents to DuPonts Kalrez and Viton and these can often work out cheaper and be more readily available. If you have a requirement involving a high temperature O-Ring then talk to us - we have a solution.


High Temperature O-Rings for Tough Sealing Applications

Over the years the maximum working temperature of O-Rings has continued to increase with materials such as Viton at 200C and Kalrez at over 300C being developed by the DuPont Corporation in the USA.

Kalrez®, Aflas® and Viton® O-Rings are manufactured only by DuPont
Performance Elastomers.

These materials can be supplied in standard O-rings or custom shapes.

Customer choice - Imperial or Metric:

The choices a customer now faces have never been greater. Most of the materials listed are available in standard Imperial or Metric dimensions or should it be necessary can even be manufactured to the customers exact dimensional requirements.

Colour Coding for Ease of Identification.

Should you require your O-Rings to be manufactured in a specific colour for ease of accurate identification we can accommodate this requirement as part of the production process.

Small quantity orders are our speciality.

Some of the materials listed on this site are very expensive indeed so fortunately we are able to accommodate cost concerns by offering the bespoke manufacture of very small quantity orders.

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Popular grades of Kalrez® O-Rings include

Kalrez - 8475

Kalrez - 9100

Kalrez - 808

Kalrez - 4079

Kalrez - 7075

Kalrez - 2037

Kalrez - 6375

Kalrez - 6221

Kalrez - 3018

Kalrez - 8002

Kalrez - 8575

Kalrez - 0040

Kalrez - 1050

Kalrez - 6230

And many more...

High Temperature O-Rings Temperature Guide:

O Rings Temperature Guide

Degrees (C◦) Polymer Type
  - 4 to 232 AFLAS®
  - 59 to 120 Butyl
  - 57 to 121 Ethylene Propylene
  - 26 to 205 Fluorocarbon
  - 73 to 177 Fluorosilicone
  - 26 to 205 Hifluor
  - 32 to 149 Hydrogenated Nitrile
  - 20 to 327 Kalrez®
  -37 to 107 Neoprene
  -34 to 121 Nitrile (General Service)
  -55 to 107 Nitrile (Low Temperature)
  -26 to 260 Perfluoroelastomer (Parofluor)
  -21 to 177 Polyacrylate
  -40 to  82 Polyurethane
  -54 to 232 Silicone
  -20 to 200 Viton®

High Temperature O-Rings for use in chemical processing plants
Chemical Processing

High Temperature O-Rings for use in formula one
Formula One

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High Temperature O-Rings for use in aerospace


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